Are You Looking For The Best Civil construction company?

As India keeps its position in the top economies of the world with a staggering growth rate, the requirement of civil construction works and civil construction companies are rising rapidly all over the country. The government has invested 14 Billion US Dollar worth of money in the smart city projects to increase the level of habitability and facilities all over India. This project will not only increase the sustainability of the cities in both financial and environmental ways also improve the livelihood of the residents.

In the upcoming future the selected 100 cities will become extremely self-reliant on food procuring, sanitation, water and electricity supply, transportation and everything else. But to achieve this level of success we will need highly experienced and fully committed civil construction company. And who else is better than Pacific Engineers in terms of cumulative experience, qualified and devoted staffs?

Pacific Engineers, is capable of preparing detailed plans and layouts of the city’s vital services. In the last few years, we have gathered unmatched experience in city drainage works, water supply construction and swear works. We have executed all the projects successfully from calculating the estimations, preparing the blue-prints to finally setting up the last brick in place.

We have several teams of engineers and workers ready to engage with any project of any levels. We have worked in small cities like Kharagpur to the metro cities like Kolkata. Therefore, with our vast knowledge and experience, we can help you out with any civil construction project. For any query, you can reach us 033 2665 2319 or mail us at

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